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Nile Felucca Means ...!!!
Nile Felucca typical Egyptian sailing boat, enjoy sleeping under the stars, with the feeling of the waves of the Nile River while sailing by Felucca passing by the temples, small island while Egyptian farmers performing their jobs,it takes at least two nights to feel it . The Felucca depends on wind-power with no motor. It carries between one to 10 passengers comfortably. It contains shady to protect you from the rays of the sun. The serene life on board allows you to be refreshed from life stress & routine.

Felucca Facilities
All the meals are served & cooked on board by the Felucca staff There are no toilets on board, you can use the toilets at the sites you visit, or look for some where onshore at night, the point that makes it a real adventure. Water & soft drinks can be bought on board & are kept icy cold. Stops en route for sightseeing and visits to the ancient Egyptian monuments

Felucca captain and stuff
The Felucca captains (crew) are totally responsible about make it sail and stop in some routes, also they cook all the meals on board.

Water, soft drinks and beer can be purchased aboard at very reasonable cost, a tally for which is kept. You are not permitted to take on board any drinks that the crew sell. Drinks for sale will be stored in a cold box and the crew will ensure they are kept icy cold. On the last day, everybody pays his or her drinks bill with the Felucca captains.

Drink costs
Water 3.00 LE.
Soft drinks 2.50 LE.
Beer 10.00 LE (As well if you prefer to bring your stuff with you of course you can).

What to bring
- Sleeping bag.
- Sun tan Lotion.
- Bug Spray.
- Personal towels.
- Mineral Water.
- Beach attire.
- Cotton T-Shirts.
- Toilet paper/ sanitary products for your journey.
- Walkman's.
- Warm clothes as it gets slightly cold in the evening and in the early hours of the morning.
- Torch.
- Plenty of film for your camera.
- Book if you like to read as the atmosphere so nice and relaxing encourage you for reading.
- Snacks for yourself throughout on board.
- If you have a weak stomach bring some medications for Diarrhea and Vomiting with you.

Experience Nile Felucca With Touch Egypt
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